Is There a Cure for Oral Lichen Planus?


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Oral lichen planus does not have a cure, but treatments such as numbing agents, corticosteroids, retinoids and immune response medication can ease the symptoms, according to Mayo Clinic. It also helps to reduce contact with triggers of oral lichen planus.

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One of the triggers that sufferers of oral lichen planus should avoid is certain medications, explains Mayo Clinic. If a doctor feels like a patient is irritating his oral lichen planus, he advises against taking the medication. Another trigger that should be avoided is any allergen that might be triggering the outbreak. In this case, a doctor might suggest seeing a dermatologist or allergy specialist for further testing.

Those who suffer from hepatitis C may be more at risk of an oral lichen planus flare-up, states Mayo Clinic. In this case, the primary care doctor may refer the patient to an infectious disease specialist for treatment. Stress is also a trigger for some people who have oral lichen planus. Avoiding stress and managing it are highly recommended if suffering from this condition, and a doctor might refer patients who have the condition to a mental health specialist. Trauma to the mouth is also a trigger, so doctors recommend eating soft foods and thoroughly cleaning the mouth to avoid flare-ups.

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