How Do You Cure a Numb Finger or Asleep Hand?


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A good way to relieve the "pins and needles" feeling of a hand that has fallen asleep is to rock the head from side to side, according to Melanie Pinola for Life Hacker. This condition of a numb hand, called paresthesia, is the result of compression of the nerves in the neck.

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Rocking the head from side to side helps to relieve the tension in nerves in the neck and helps those nerve clusters to loosen, explains Pinola. This head-rocking technique usually takes under a minute to relieve paresthesia.

A recurring sensation of numbness in the fingers happens as a result of change in sensory nerve function, and it is due to nerve damage, states Healthline. This can happen to diabetics when the blood supply to nerves in the fingers is diminished. In some cases, this condition could be a symptom of a bigger problem such as a stroke, animal bite, multiple sclerosis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

If rocking the head from side to side does not improve the problem, or if the numbness happens frequently and it is accompanied by weakness and pain, it could be a sign of something more serious. Talk to a health care provider for diagnosis, recommends Healthline.

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