What Is the Cure for Lumbago?


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Treatment of lumbago, or low back pain, differs depending on the severity of the condition. Acute low back pain lasts less than three months and often improves after at-home treatment. Chronic low back pain lasts longer than three months and often requires intensive treatment from a health professional, according to WebMD.

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Sufferers of acute low back pain should apply heat or ice, take over the counter pain medication and avoid extensive rest at the onset of pain symptoms. After several days of pain, low back pain sufferers can consider manual therapy such as massage, mobilization and manipulation. Massage helps to relax the muscles, increase circulation and ease pain. Mobilization uses slow movements to improve the flexibility and alignment of bones and joints. Manipulation employs controlled force to address joint issues. In cases of extreme pain, a health professional can prescribe an opiate painkiller, muscle relaxant or epidural steroid shot, explains WebMD.

Sufferers of chronic low back pain should seek professional help. Health professionals may recommend spinal manipulation as mentioned above. Other treatments include acupuncture, massage and comprehensive rehabilitation programs. Comprehensive rehabilitation programs teach patients how to avoid situations that could worsen their pain as well as how to manage their pain during daily life. These programs combine physical therapy, medical treatments and pain management methods to treat low back pain effectively, reports WebMD.

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