How Do You Cure an Itchy Red Rash on the Groin?

Cures or treatment for itchy red rashes on the groin may include applying antifungal creams and zinc oxide ointments and keeping the area clean and dry, advises MedicineNet. The appropriate treatment depends on the cause of the rash. For instance, jock itch, a common cause for itchy rashes on the groin requires different treatments depending on whether it is a fungal or bacterial infection.

Treat fungal jock itch by washing the groin with an antifungal shampoo and applying an antifungal cream to the area, suggests MedicineNet. Take an antifungal pill for more persistent rashes. Bacterial jock itch requires regular washing with an antibacterial soap. For more severe cases, a topical antibiotic, chlorhexidine soap or an oral antibiotic may be necessary. To manage the itching, apply topical steroid creams to the groin one to three times a day.

To treat groin rashes due to a scabies infestation, visit a medical professional and follow the prescribed treatment, states WebMD. Any clothes or items that came into contact with the infected area need thorough cleaning to prevent spreading the infestation. Both inverse and penile psoriasis can cause groin rashes and may respond to moisturizing the area, applying topical creams and lotions, and avoiding tobacco, which can exacerbate the problem.