What Is the Cure for Hemorrhoids?


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Hemorrhoids are treatable to minimize pain and discomfort, but even clinical removal procedures are not guaranteed to prevent recurrence, according to WebMD. Clinical procedures include injection, banding, coagulation or cauterization, and surgery.

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The goal of most hemorrhoid treatments is to minimize pain, and common remedies include warm, shallow sitz baths, a high-fiber diet and Tylenol, according to WebMD. Eliminating foods high in preservatives is essential, as well. Injections to internal hemorrhoids create scars to close them off. Banding can close off the blood supply to a hemorrhoid, causing it to shrivel and fall off within a week. Electric beams or lasers may cauterize the ends of hemorrhoids and seal them off. For extremely large or painful internal or external hemorrhoids, a doctor may recommend a hemorrhoidectomy, which completely removes them by traditional surgery methods.

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