How Do You Cure Heartburn?


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Healthline states that removing outside pressure from the stomach, changing positions after a meal, chewing gum, reducing stress and taking medication lessens heartburn. These relief methods are effective for the occasional heartburn or heartburns caused by a gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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Healthline advises against wearing tight-fitting bottoms, belts and shirts to avoid placing pressure on the abdomen. These items can make stomach acids flow backwards into the esophagus, causing intense heartburn. Staying upright for at least three hours after a meal decreases the chance of heartburn, and quick reactions, such as adjusting the body when symptoms such as burning in the throat appear, prevent severe heartburn.

Chewing on a piece of gum neutralizes acids in the body by activating the bicarbonate found in human saliva. While regular gum is a quick remedy, Healthline advises using gums with bicarbonates listed in the ingredients for best results. Stress causes heartburn and can intensify symptoms of chronic heartburn sufferers. Gentle exercise, getting a massage, listening to music and practicing aromatherapy are other effective stress-relieving methods. Over-the-counter antacids in liquid or chewable tablet form are taken before meals to coat the stomach with minerals and chemicals such as calcium, aluminum, magnesium and bicarbonate, which neutralize the stomach acids that cause heartburn.

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