How Do You Cure Foot Fungus With Vinegar?

Treat foot fungus with vinegar by diluting 1 cup of vinegar in 2 quarts of water and soaking your feet in the solution for at least 15 minutes every day until the fungus clears up, suggests HowStuffWorks. Another option is to mix equal amounts of ethyl alcohol and apple cider vinegar in a bowl, and carefully dab it onto the feet using a cotton swab or cotton ball. Wait for your feet to completely dry before covering them.

If the fungal infection doesn't clear up after the vinegar treatment and persists for several weeks, consult with a doctor, advises HowStuffWorks. Some other warning signs include swollen feet, pus, discolored toenails, and cracks in the skin between the toes, signaling that the infection has spread and requires medication.

Some other natural remedies for foot fungus other than vinegar treatments include baking soda, cornstarch, garlic, lemon and cinnamon, explains HowStuffWorks. Sprinkle cornstarch or baking soda onto your feet, as they are two substances that absorb moisture and inhibit the fungal growth that requires moisture to thrive. Eat or crush garlic into a paste, and spread it on your feet. Allow it to sit on the skin for up to 30 minutes to allow the antifungal properties of the root to work, and then wash it off.