How Do You Cure Flatulence?


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To cure flatulence, cut down on gas-causing foods and drinks, eat and drink gradually, drink fluids prior to taking meals and use certain over-the-counter digestive aids, according to Everyday Health. Avoid activities that can cause flatulence, such as smoking and chewing gum.

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Eliminate whole grains such as bran, and milk, ice cream and cheese from your diet, explains Everyday Health. Other foods to avoid include apples, pears, Brussels sprouts, onions and broccoli. The sugar, starch and fiber in these foods makes them hard to digest.

Cut down on zero-sugar foods because they are rich in artificial sweeteners, such as sorbitol and other sugar alcohols, notes Everyday Health. Activated charcoal, which may occur in either liquid or pill form, mixes with fluid in the gut, leading to low gas and solid bowel movements. Take over-the-counter digestive supplements, such as Beano, with your meals. These supplements contain enzymes that aid in breaking down food.

Drink water 30 minutes before eating to ease digestion and avoid losing stomach acids, advises Everyday Health. Additionally, make sure that dentures fit well to avoid swallowing gas while eating. Avoid smoking, drinking fluids with straws and chewing gum. Gum not only causes swallowing of gas, but it also contains artificial sweeteners. If you experience severe flatulence, seek immediate medical attention.

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