How Do You Cure Facial Nerve Paralysis?


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According to MedicineNet, the underlying medical symptoms of facial nerve paralysis, commonly known as Bell's palsy, are treated with steroid medications. Patients are prescribed 1 milligram of steroid medication per kilogram of body weight. Some doctors prescribe an anti-viral medication to be taken in addition to the steroid medication, as anti-viral drugs help speed up recovery. Drugs are taken for one to two weeks.

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Surgical facial nerve decompression is another treatment option recommended by some doctors. According to MedicineNet, this is a risky surgical procedure recommended to patients with severe cases of Bell's palsy. Doctors recommend having the surgery within the first two weeks of symptoms, but there is a major risk of developing hearing loss.

Physical therapy and electrotherapy are two treatment options that help prevent contractures of afflicted nerve muscles, notes MedicineNet; however, these alternatives don't provide any significant benefits. Most patients with Bell's palsy also experience eye complications, which require treatment. Remedies for eye problems include wearing protective glasses to prevent dust entering the eye and using artificial tears or ointments to keep the eye lubricated. Trouble keeping the eye closed is a common problem, which some people resolve by manually closing it with the back of a finger. Others wear an eye patch.

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