What Is the Cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa?


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As of 2015, epidermolysis bullosa does not have a cure, as stated by the Mayo Clinic. Most treatments focus on easing symptoms, pain and preventing blisters.

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Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare disease wherein the skin blisters from relatively minor injuries, friction, scratching or even putting tape on the skin. This condition varies in severity from very mild to severe; some patients even find that their symptoms lessen as they age, according to Mayo Clinic. Epidermolysis bullosa has a tendency to show up in babies and young children, but it may not present until young adulthood.

Careful treatment of skin blisters when they form is essential, including daily washing with salt and water and rinsing with clean water. It may be necessary to pop the blister as it is forming to keep it from growing very large, but a doctor should always be consulted before attempting this treatment. It is also important to keep the skin moisturized and protect damaged spots with gauze. Pain medications can help treat itching and pain from blisters. Oral antibiotics may be needed to treat infections of the wounds or body, while a corticosteroid helps with inflammation and painful swallowing. Patients need to maintain a healthy diet with nutritious foods, but these may be soft to make swallowing easier. Surgery may be necessary to treat complications of moderate to severe epidermolysis bullosa.

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