How Do You Cure Eczema?


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According to WebMD, while eczema has no known cure, the rashes and itching can be controlled through over-the-counter topical ointments and antihistamines. WebMD also suggests minimizing flare-ups by moisturizing often, avoiding scratchy materials and identifying potential dietary triggers. Other potential causes of eczema are heat, dryness, soap, detergent and stress.

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To treat more severe symptoms, Mayo Clinic suggests taking a diluted-bleach bath to eliminate the bacteria that potentially cause the reaction. Use no more than one-half cup of household bleach to a 40-gallon tub filled with warm water. Do not submerge the head and limit bleach baths to two or three times per week. Mayo Clinic also suggests investing in a humidifier, especially during the winter months or in drier parts of the country, to add moisture to the air and prevent flaking and itching from worsening.

Mayo Clinic is neutral on the subject of homeopathy. Anecdotal evidence demonstrates that plant-based treatment can be effective, but no scientific studies have been performed. Acupressure and Chinese herbal medicine relieve symptoms but only temporarily. To help repair the skin, Mayo Clinic and WebMD both suggest using a corticosteroid cream, though long-term side effects of the cream include skin irritation, discoloration, infections and stretch marks.

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