Is There a Cure for "CLL" or Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia?


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There is no cure for chronic lymphatic leukemia, but there are treatments available that can help the body fight the cancer, according to WebMD. Early stages of the disease usually do not need treatment, but in later stages, treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, surgery and stem cell transplants.

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For chronic lymphatic leukemia, chemotherapy may be given as a pill, through an IV or as an injection, states WebMD. Fludara tends to work the best, but most doctors use a combination of medications to kill the cancer cells. Radiation is not commonly used for chronic lymphatic leukemia but may be an option for those who experience pain in the spleen, lymph nodes or another organ due to swelling.

Immunotherapy is another option for those suffering from chronic lymphatic leukemia, explains WebMD. This treatment uses lab-made antibodies that only attack the cancer cells, not the healthy cells in the body. It is often used alongside chemotherapy as a first treatment attempt. Surgery is a rare treatment for chronic lymphatic leukemia, but it is often done when the spleen becomes swollen and painful due to the cancer. A stem cell transplant is a relatively new type of treatment but has a good success rate when combined with chemotherapy.

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