How Do You Cure Cirrhosis?

How Do You Cure Cirrhosis?

There is no cure for cirrhosis of the liver as of 2015, states WebMD. However, various treatments can either stop the disease, impede its progress or minimize its complications on the rest of the body.

According to MedlinePlus, cirrhosis is the scarring of the liver due to chronic liver disease. Chronic liver disease is often caused by alcohol abuse or hepatitis B or C. Autoimmune diseases, some medications and hereditary diseases can also lead to chronic liver disease, although they are less common.

Treatment for cirrhosis includes limiting or eliminating alcohol, reducing salt intake and taking diuretics to remove excess fluid in the liver, states MedlinePlus. Doctors may also prescribe antiviral drugs or steroids to those who have cirrhosis caused by hepatitis, claims WebMD. Patients may need other medications to correct the mental confusion caused by the disease.

Some early symptoms of cirrhosis are nausea and stomach pain, lack of energy and fatigue, poor appetite and spider-like blood vessels on the skin, reports MedlinePlus. Later symptoms include yellowish skin or a yellowish color in eyes, redness on the palms of the hands, edema (excess fluid in the legs) and clay-colored stools. Men may also experience shrinking of the testicles and impotence.

Although doctors can perform a physical exam to diagnose cirrhosis, they may also order various tests to measure liver function and check for liver damage, states MedlinePlus.