Is There a Cure for Cancer, and Are Patients Finding Relief With Immunocal?

Finding a cure to cancer has proven complex and doctors must learn more about the disease, states Mayo Clinic. Additionally, cancer cells mutate causing once effective treatments to become ineffective. Immunocal has proven beneficial in helping fight against cancer and to improve overall health, explains MedicineNet.

Animal and laboratory cells have demonstrated that glutathione helps to defend against any type of disease including cancer, states WebMD. The amount of research on taking a glutathione enhancing such as Immunocal is limited, however some people with cancer have experienced significant health benefits that they attribute to taking the supplement. In a study involving women with ovarian cancer, those taking the supplement experienced fewer side effects from chemotherapy and had better survival rates. Additionally, a woman with cervical cancer experienced remission after taking Immunocal, reports MedicineNet.

Immunocal is not intended to cure or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. However, Immunocal has been proven to help the immune system to function to its full potential. By providing the precursors to glutathione, Immunocal enhances glutathione levels in the body. It provides anticancer benefits by enhancing the activity of the body?s cytotoxic T cells, therefore improving the body?s ability to destroy cancer cells. People who have cancer often have a glutathione deficiency which is associated with signs of poor health and having a negative nitrogen balance. Immunocal?s ability to enhance glutathione in the body helps to maintain properly functioning cells and prevent such problems, reports