What Is the Cure for Bone Spurs?


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Bone spurs can be removed through surgery, according to WebMD. However, unless bone spurs are causing pain or damaging surrounding tissues, they are not usually treated or removed. Most bone spurs have no symptoms and are sometimes considered a part of the natural aging process.

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Treatment for bone spurs often addresses the cause of the bone spurs or seeks to alleviate any pain or swelling they may cause, reports WebMD. Weight loss may be suggested to reduce the pressure placed on the affected area that may be causing the body to build extra bone. Pain relief usually consists of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers, rest, ice, stretching and exercise, and corticosteroid injections.

Bone spurs can sometimes press down on the surrounding muscle or tendons, breaking down the tissues over time and leading to swelling, pain and tearing, according to WebMD. They may be caused by osteoarthritis as the cartilage in the joints is worn away and bone spurs form along the edges. They can form anywhere in the body but appear most often in the shoulders or feet, whether due to the long-term pressure of exercise, weight, poorly fitting shoes and repetitive movements. Other common places include the spine, hands, hips and knees. They can be diagnosed on an X-ray.

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