Is There a Cure for Avascular Necrosis?


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There are several cures available for avascular necrosis, according to Mayo Clinic. One of the most common treatments for the condition is surgery, and options include replacing the diseased or damaged joint or performing a bone transplant to strengthen the affected bone.

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Avascular necrosis occurs when a part of a patient's bone loses its blood supply, according to WebMD. This causes the bone to eventually die, which leads to bone collapse. One way doctors treat this condition is by performing what is known as a core decompression, states Mayo Clinic. This is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon removes the inner layer of the bone. Not only is this treatment effective in treating pain associated with the condition, but it also stimulates the production of healthy bone tissue and blood vessels.

Another surgical option for avascular necrosis is bone reshaping, states Mayo Clinic. In this procedure, surgeons remove a small segment of bone, either from above or below an affected joint. This helps shift the weight off the joint, which helps reduce the stress it experiences.

Electrical stimulation is another option that helps treat avascular necrosis, according to Mayo Clinic. Electrical currents may stimulate a person's body to grow new bone where the bone has become damaged. This can be performed during surgery or administered through electrodes attached to the patient's skin.

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