How Do You Cure Annoying Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters, which can take the form of spots, strings or "cobwebs" in a person's field of vision, occur naturally as part of the aging process, and they cannot be cured, according to Mayo Clinic and All About Vision. In extreme situations where floaters become an impediment to vision, they can be surgically reduced.

As the eye ages, the vitreous fluid inside the eye changes, and microscopic fibers and cell particles clump together and float throughout the eye, explains Mayo Clinic. These are most visible when the eye is closed or when looking at a bright white computer screen, but floaters occur continuously and usually cause no problems.

Most individuals can ignore this naturally occurring condition, but some find large floaters distracting or experience difficultly reading due to particles obstructing the vision, says Mayo Clinic. In extreme situations, doctors may perform a vitrectomy, a procedure in which the vitreous fluid is drained from the eye and replaced with a saline fluid.

Sometimes floaters can be a sign of more serious eye problems, notes Harvard Medical School. A sudden onset of floaters or flashing particles in the field of vision or a rapid decline in vision can be a sign of a retinal detachment or tear and should be evaluated by a physician immediately.