Is Cumin Recommended by Nutritionists As Part of a Balanced Diet?


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Nutritionists do recommend cumin in a balanced diet, as stated by University of Michigan Interactive Medicine and the World's Healthiest Foods. The latter is part of the George Mateljan Foundation.

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The University Michigan Interactive Medicine includes cumin in its "Healing Foods Pyramid," which provides a balanced diet for sustaining energy, self-healing and nourishing the body. Consuming cumin can solve digestion issues such as gas and diarrhea, according to WebMD.

The World's Healthiest Foods mentions how cumin seeds can provide nutrients such as copper, calcium, iron and manganese. Iron is needed for a healthy immune system. Cumin, which is scientifically called Cuminum cyminum, are yellow-brown seeds. The seeds are often used in Indian, Middle Eastern and Mexican cooking because of their unique flavor.

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