Do CT Scans Produce 3-D Images of Your Organs?


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The computerized tomography scanner produces a three-dimensional cross-sectional image of the pelvis, blood vessels, lungs, brain, abdomen, bones and soft tissues, according to Medical News Today. Several two-dimensional X-ray images are taken around a single axis of rotation, which are then gathered to generate the three-dimensional image.

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Do CT Scans Produce 3-D Images of Your Organs?
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Doctors prefer using CT scan images for diagnosing liver, lung and pancreatic cancer, states Medical News Today. The exact size, location and severity of tumors can easily be determined through a CT scan. It is also capable of showing inflammation and lacerations of internal organs in the abdominal area. A CT scan helps doctors evaluate bone density, bone diseases and spine condition. Data on a patient’s vascular condition may also be provided by a CT scan.

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