What Is a CrossFit Workout?


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A CrossFit workout is a fitness program designed to offer a complete body workout as a result of combining specific elements of core training, gymnastics, weight lifting and cardiovascular exercise programs. This strength and conditioning program provides a high intensity workout and extreme variation in the types of exercises involved.

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A CrossFit workout program usually involves completing a different routine at each workout that typically lasts for 45 to 60 minutes. The workout program helps prepare the body for many types of unexpected physical demands. This fitness regime seeks to develop the physical adaptations and skills demanded from many types of sports, in order to gain a performance advantage from the training, according to the official CrossFit website.

Most CrossFit gyms utilize a large warehouse space for the workout and many offer group classes. The CrossFit workout is usually done three to five times per week, and individuals can choose the classes in which they want to participate. CrossFit trainers usually create their own workout program, or use a daily workout routine provided by the CrossFit website. CrossFit training is extremely popular and is the primary conditioning and strength program used by many military special operations, martial artists, athletes, police and tactical teams.

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