How Do Creatinine Levels Effect the Kidneys?


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The levels of creatinine in the blood show how well the kidneys are working, according to MedicineNet. High levels of creatinine is an indication that the kidneys are not functioning correctly to filter the creatinine and maintain it at a normal level. Creatinine levels also depend on the number of muscle tissues in the body, explaining why men have higher creatinine levels than women, notes WebMD.

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Kidneys are organs that filter waste products and excess water out of the blood and reabsorb some fluid back into the blood, states WebMD. The bladder then holds the waste products that is not reabsorbed, before extracting them from the body as urine. Creatinine is a waste product produced when creatine, a substance found in muscle, breaks down. It is then expelled through urine.

Doctors advise their patients to have regular checks on creatinine levels to monitor how their kidneys are functioning over time. Abnormally high levels of these waste products may warn them of possible kidney failure, allowing the doctor determine the right medications to prevent this from occurring, notes MedicineNet. Patients should also eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to prevent typical causes of chronic kidney disease, such as hypertension and diabetes, according to WebMD.

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