What Are Some Creatine Pros and Cons?


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Creatine improves the performance of athletes and bodybuilders during periods of heightened physical activity by providing a rapid energy boost and intense bursts of power, according to Cleveland Clinic. There is no evidence to suggest that creatine use is unsafe. Creatine only lasts for a short period of time and does not actually increase muscle mass. It only makes muscles appear larger by pulling water into them.

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According to Brittany Risher for Men's Health, creatine transports a good workout to new levels by enhancing performance and stamina. While it does not directly increase muscle mass, it allows athletes and weight lifters to remain active for longer periods of time, resulting in muscular gains.

Creatine should not be used outside of physical activity, or it can cause unwanted weight gain, says Risher. There is anecdotal evidence suggesting that creatine may cause kidney damage, heart problems, muscle cramps, dehydration and diarrhea, but these claims have not been proven in focused studies. Children under 18 should avoid taking creatine until more research has been conducted to test the effects of the supplement on that age group.

According to Cleveland Clinic, creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the body. As a supplement, it is usually consumed in powdered form as an additive to sports drinks.

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