Are Creatine Levels Seen in a Blood Test?


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A creatinine blood test reveals the creatinine levels in the blood. It is typically required for people who show signs of kidney disease, according to Healthline.

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Creatine is a compound found in the body’s muscles, and it produces the waste product called creatinine when it breaks down, as stated by Healthline. The kidneys eliminate creatinine from the body through urine. High creatinine levels may result from damaged kidneys. Physicians often ask for a creatinine blood test to assess the condition of a person’s kidneys. The blood test is also part of most routine physical exams.

Doctors may request for a creatinine blood test if an individual is taking aminoglycoside medications, which can damage the kidneys, as noted by Healthline. Regular creatinine blood tests help physicians determine if a person’s kidneys are functioning well. Some medicines can raise creatinine levels, although they do not cause kidney damage. These medications include cimetidine, chemotherapy drugs, cephalosporin and NSAID drugs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

A creatinine blood test is similar to most blood tests; a qualified medical professional at a lab facility inserts a needle into an individual's vein to obtain blood, states Healthline. A person typically receives the results from his doctor after a few days.

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