Who Created the Grapefruit Diet?


According to Diet-And-Health.net, the grapefruit diet was created by Kelly D. Brownell in 1930. This was designed to jumpstart a diet program to allow people to lose large amounts of weight more quickly.

Diet-And-Health.net explains that this involves consuming half a grapefruit before eating every meal, so the person experiences the benefits of enzymes that burn fats. By following this diet plan, a person can lose up to 10 pounds within 12 days. The main advantage of the grapefruit diet is that weight loss can be achieved without starving oneself and still enjoying regular meals.

According to Diet-And-Health.net, this diet plan causes people to lose weight due to fluid loss in the person's body. Aside from jumpstarting a long-term diet program, the grapefruit diet can also be implemented for gradual weight loss.