How Do You Create a Weight Loss Tracking Spreadsheet?


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In addition to the numerous templates and mobile apps available for download, it is also easy to create your own weight loss tracking spreadsheet in Excel by simply creating two columns respectively named "Date" and "Weight," and filling in the information accordingly. The advantage to creating your own chart instead of downloading one is that it is highly customizable and allows you to add whichever variables you wish.

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On the other hand, the advantage to downloading templates is that they can provide more advanced information that is more difficult to incorporate into a spreadsheet. For example, the template at Excel Made Easy calculates the absolute and relative losses and gains. It also lets the user input a target weight and the number of days in which he would like to achieve the target weight, allowing it to calculate not only how many fewer calories should be consumed each day, but also the target weight for each day. It can also track BMI.

It is also advisable to weigh yourself regularly, preferably at the same time each day, as weight can fluctuate over the course of the day. Weighing yourself naked is best, as clothing adds weight and will produce an inaccurate number on the scale.

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