How Do You Create a Template for Medical Records?


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Medical record templates can be created using word-processing software such as Microsoft Word, the American Academy of Family Physicians explains. These templates can also be made using specialized software from CRT Systems, according to the CRT Systems website.

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To make medical record templates using Microsoft Word, users should first create blank templates using the New command that appears under the File menu, explains the AAFP. The next step involves typing and formatting needed text headings — patient name, vital signs, prescriptions, and so on — on the blank template. The filled document should then be given a unique name and saved as a Document Template using the Save As command. Users can subsequently access the template by clicking on the New command under the File menu.

The next step involves creating AutoText codes, the AAFP explains. The feature allows users to link short codes to large groups of text and hastens the process of adding information to medical record templates. For instance, users can link the code "BPHN" to the phrase "blood pressure normal; heart rate normal." Subsequently, every time users type "BPHN," the application inputs the associated text into a document.

To create these codes, users should first type the desired chunk of text, highlight it, click on the Insert menu, select AutoText and click New, advises the AAFP. A dialog box containing the highlighted text appears; all users need to do is type their desired code and click OK.

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