How Do You Create a Sample Training Plan?


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To create a training plan, follow the outlines of sample training plans on Bodybuilding.com, FreeDieting.com, or any health and fitness website that features training plans. Once you gain experience drafting training plans, update the plans or create new ones to reflect your evolving fitness goals.

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Free fitness plans are available on Bodybuilding.com under Training. Select your gender, or click Find A Plan. Click Transform, Fat Loss or Muscle Building to narrow your choices of plans. Click on your fitness level. Peruse any of the resulting training plans.

A sample training plan according to Bodybuilding.com encompasses short- and long-term goals. A beginner's training plan for building muscle might include a list of appropriate exercises grouped by body parts, corresponding rows and columns for recording the number of completed sets and reps per exercise, rows and columns listing the number of targeted rep ranges, and another set of rows and columns for daily and weekly rep totals.

Training plans depend on the athletic activity you intend to engage in or the specific fitness goals you set for yourself. Training for a marathon entails stretching and running almost daily and increasing the distances you run and the difficulty of trails you train on. A simple training plan for a runner consists of a calendar containing distances and trails to complete on training days.

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