How Do You Create a Romantic Atmosphere for a Man?


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To create a romantic atmosphere for a man, use soft, subdued lighting, decorate the area with flowers, add a fragrance and play appropriate background music. Prepare everything in advance, relax and focus on having fun.

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How Do You Create a Romantic Atmosphere for a Man?
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Romantic lighting is subdued to add to the atmosphere without being too dark to see. Use warm incandescent bulbs instead of harsh fluorescent bulbs. Another option is candles, which provide a soft source of light and set a romantic mood.

Men and women appreciate flowers. The arrangement and placement of the flowers are more important than the quantity. Base flower choices on your preferences and those of the recipient. If you aren't sure what to choose, red roses are a traditional romantic symbol.

Before setting up a fragrance, check the area for any unpleasant odors, such as food items or a full garbage. Add a nice smell to the area with air fresheners or scented candles.

Music options include jazz, piano or guitar music. Keep the volume low, so you hear the music without getting distracted by it.

Preparation includes cleaning up the area, setting the thermostat and turning off your phone. A clean area is necessary for a romantic atmosphere because clutter is distracting. The area should be at a comfortable temperature, so neither person is too hot or cold. Turn off your phone to avoid any distracting calls that interrupt the moment.

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