How Do You Create a Printable Chart to Keep Track of Calories?

How Do You Create a Printable Chart to Keep Track of Calories?


An effective way to create a printable calorie tracker is to use a computer software program such as Microsoft Excel. Down the first column of a spreadsheet, create rows for each meal, then create corresponding columns for each meal's calorie totals.

Using Excel to create your own calorie tracker allows you to customize your chart based on the nutrients you want to track. You can track fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber or vitamins in addition to calories by adding more columns to your spreadsheet. The more nutrients you decide to track, the wider your chart becomes. It may need to be printed landscape style or on wider paper to keep it all on one sheet. Also consider how much work you are willing to do every time you eat something. Tracking just a few key nutrients is simpler and less involved than entering in values for every possible vitamin.

Free printable calorie trackers are available at websites such as These trackers are also customizable.

Online trackers make calorie counting even easier. Sites such as My Fitness Pal and Spark People allow users to enter the foods they eat, and the site does the counting for them. These sites also provide mobile apps that allow for calorie tracking on the go.