How Do You Create a Physical Exam Form?


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A physical exam template is available on WordTemplatesPro.org to assist people in creating a physical exam form. A physical exam form should contain vital statistics, medication routines and risk factors, according to Word Templates Pro. It may also contain health maintenance and safety advice to prevent illness.

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A physical exam form is necessary for a physician to learn information and medical details about a patient who is going to have a physical examination, states Word Templates Pro. Some of the vital statistics that a doctor might include on an exam form are blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate, as well as the patient's temperature, reports Best Medical Forms. A physician may also inquire about certain aspects of a patient's lifestyle such as smoking, sexual health, and abuse of alcohol or other substances.

The form available on WordTemplatesPro.org allows medical professionals to print it out and adjust as necessary for their own practices. This website also has templates for HIPAA privacy forms, patient registration forms and emergency medical information forms.

Another website that offers a physical exam form that physicians can alter to create their own form is BestMedicalForms.com. This website offers two different sample forms for medical professionals to use.

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