How Do You Create a PDF List of High Protein Foods?


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Create a PDF list of high protein foods by first compiling the list, including the name of the foods and the amount of protein each has for a given serving. Enter the information into a word processing or graphic editing program and use the Save As feature to set the file type to PDF.

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The first step to creating a list of foods with a high amount of protein is to determine the formatting for the list, which may include a simple series of cells that include information or more complex graphical elements. Also consider the total length of the list and the information you want to include, as both have a direct influence on formatting. For example, a list that only includes the names of the foods may appear differently compared to a list that includes the grams of protein in each serving or other nutritional information.

Once you locate the foods and information, choose the program that best suits your needs. Word processing programs such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs both feature formatting tools for creating ordered cells with numerous rows and columns but do not have extensive graphic capabilities. Alternately, Adobe Photoshop has a basic text system with comprehensive tools for drawing and incorporating external images. Once you compile the list, click on the File menu for the program and choose the Save As option. From this dialog box, set the file type to PDF and click Save.

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