How Do You Create a Mental Health Treatment Plan?


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To create a mental health treatment plan, a person should speak to a health care provider to form a plan based on the type of mental illness that needs to be treated, its severity, and the individual's personal needs and preferences, according to Mayo Clinic. Treatment options include medications, psychotherapy, brain-stimulation treatments and substance abuse programs.

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Some people may need to go to a hospital or residential program to treat a mental health problem, notes Mayo Clinic. Residential treatment is when the patient lives at the facility temporarily, and other options include partial or day hospitalization, 24-hour inpatient care and intensive outpatient treatment.

While one health care provider may be able to meet the treatment needs of an individual with a mild mental health condition, those with more severe mental illnesses may require the assistance of a treatment team, states Mayo Clinic. A treatment team might include a primary care physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant and psychiatrist. A psychotherapist, pharmacist, social workers and family members may also be included in the treatment plan.

To treat mental health problems, doctors may prescribe antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, mood stabilizing medications and antipsychotic medications, according to Mayo Clinic. Talking to a therapist can alleviate symptoms associated with mental health issues, and treating underlying substance abuse issues is essential.

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