How Do You Create a List of Foods for a Diabetic to Eat?


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When creating a list of foods for a diabetes diet, include healthy carbohydrates, foods high in fiber, heart-healthy fish and good fats, according to Mayo Clinic. Making good food choices and tracking glucose is highly recommended.

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Healthy carbohydrates include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy and legumes, states Mayo Clinic. Dietary fiber is also very important when creating a diet for someone with diabetes as fiber helps control blood sugar levels. Foods high in dietary fiber are often the same foods that are considered healthy carbohydrates, so eating these foods are extra beneficial.

Diabetics are also urged to get enough fish in their diet, explains Mayo Clinic. Fish is a great source of protein and a good alternative to high-fat meat. Add fish such as cod, halibut and tuna to a diabetic diet. Other fish, such as salmon, sardines and blue fish, are also beneficial to the heart. Avoid fish high in mercury, such as swordfish or tilefish. Food that contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats should also be included in a diabetic's diet in small amounts. These foods include avocado, almonds, pecans and olives, but diabetics should not eat too much of these foods as all fats are high in calories.

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