What Are the Best Creams and Lotions for Bed Sores and Rashes?


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The best lotions for bed sores and rashes are no-rinse cleansing lotions that moisturize and provide incontinence protection, and are safe for body, face and perineal and peristomal areas, according to Brian Carmody for About.com. The best creams are skin repair creams that can restore a moisture balance to keep skin from breaking down.

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Some other products to consider are skin protectant moisturizers that provide a barrier for the skin and help relieve skin rashes, says Carmody. These types of moisturizers are not recommended for open sores or cuts. There are also silicone-based protectant creams that keep the skin from losing water due to bed rashes from exposure to incontinence. These types of protectants last for three to five washings. Skin protectant pastes can be used for rashes and sores and are thick pastes that relieve itching, irritation and inflamed skin.

There are many cleansers that condition bed sores and rashes, states Carmody. These are usually no-rinse antimicrobial foams. Some anitfungal creams and powders not only treat fungal infections associated with bed sores and rashes but also infuse skin with essential nutrients while relieving itching, irritation and inflammation. There are clear protectants that adhere to broken and wet skin so the skin can be monitored while it heals. Many of these protectants also help keep a moisture balance on the affected area of skin.

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