How Do You Craft Sweet and Loving Text Messages?


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A sweet and loving text message should be very personal. Your goal is to make your lover feel special to you. This can be accomplished with either a longer and detailed message or simply with a short and sweet message that shows that you are thinking about them.

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How Do You Craft Sweet and Loving Text Messages?
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While creating a loving and sweet text message, avoid using too many clichés. For example, "I love you to the moon and back," is a phrase used by many couples. Remember, the goal is to make your lover feel special. Throwing tired and boring clichés at someone will not provoke true emotion. In addition, try to avoid rambling and writing an extremely long message. By writing an extensively long message, you run the risk of repeating yourself and boring your partner. When it comes to creating cute and loving text messages, focus on quality rather than quantity. Lastly, include references to personal anecdotes. Memories have emotion attached to them. By reminding your lover of a certain memory that you two share, you will bring the emotion that is connected to that memory right back to them. With all of these aspects of a good loving and sweet text message in mind, you should now be able to make them feel special and brighten up their day.

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