What Are Some CPT Medical Billing Codes?


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Among the CPT medical billing codes include 99201 through 99499 for Evaluation and Management, 10021 to 69990 for Surgery and 70010 to 79999 for Pathology and Laboratory, notes the Medical Billing and Coding Certification website. These examples are from the Category I of CPT coding, which is maintained by the American Medical Association, or AMA. The codes are updated by the AMA on a yearly basis and the revised versions are released every October.

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CPT stands for current procedural terminology and was developed by the AMA, which also owns the copyright to the codes. The CPT codes are used as a means to communicate uniform information regarding medical procedures and services between medical professionals and patients, accreditation organization, insurance agencies for evaluation and financial and administrative purposes.

The Category I of the CPT medical billing code is made up of six sections: evaluation and management, surgery, anesthesia, radiology, pathology and laboratory and medicine. Medical coders will be spending the most time using Category I codes, notes the Medical Billing and Coding Certification website.

Category II of the CPT medical billing code are composed of 5-character alphanumeric code, as opposed to the 5-digit numeric code in Category I. This category provides additional information about the performance management and future care of the patient. An example of this code is 0503f for postpartum care visit.

The Category III of the CPT code contain temporary codes of new and experimental procedures, technology and services. The codes for the procedures used in Category III may soon be used in Category I if approved by the CPT Editorial Panel.

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