What Are the CPT Codes for Physical Therapy?


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The CPT, or current procedural terminology, codes for physical therapy range from evaluation and re-evaluation CPT codes 97001 and 97002, to orthotic and prosthetic management CPT codes 97760 to 97762. Various treatments and modalities are divided into service categories and receive a CPT code, explains American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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The physical therapy service categories include evaluations and re-evaluations, modalities, therapeutic procedures, active wound management, tests and measurements, and orthotic and prosthetic management. Modalities such as thermal, acoustic, light, traction and whirlpool treatments fall within CPT codes 97010 through 9702, while ultrasound and iontophoresis fit within CPT codes 97032 and 97039. Aquatic therapy, gait training, neuromuscular re-education and manual therapy are billed under CPT codes 97110 through 97546 as part of the therapeutic procedures group. CPT codes 97597 through 97606 include all wound care services, and all special tests requested by insurance carriers are coded with CPT codes 97750 to 97755, reports American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Each of the CPT codes are used by physical therapists to bill insurance companies for services rendered. Treatments and modalities that require direct clinician contact are billed differently than services that require only therapist supervision. CPT codes are billed in multiple units when one-on-one attention is mandated, while supervised services such as traction and unattended electrical stimulation are not. In addition to billing and claims processing, data collected using CPT codes allow researchers to determine trends and target areas for needed improvement, according to PhysicalTherapy.com.

The American Medical Association has copyrighted CPT and has written a CPT guidebook to provide the most current definitions. The guidebook provides guidance in how to determine whether a service requires direct clinician contact or only supervision. Reading the how-to section familiarizes clinicians and staff with CPT code terminology and improves understanding of billing procedures, states PhysicalTherapy.com

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