Do CPR Classes Teach Ways to Help Someone Having an Epileptic Seizure?


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CPR classes teach basic first aid and methods for helping individuals with breathing emergencies and they do not normally cover ways to help someone having epileptic seizures, according to the American Red Cross. The most common things taught during a CPR class include helping with cuts, burns, back injuries and cardiac breathing emergencies.

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It is helpful to learn CPR for many reasons, including performing CPR on someone who just had an epileptic seizure and is no longer breathing. CPR should only be given in this case after the seizure has completely stopped and the person lacks a pulse.

The most helpful ways to help someone during and after a seizure include cushioning the patient's head, loosening any tight fitting clothing that the patient may be wearing and turning the patient on their side, according to MedlinePlus. It is important never to restrain a person when they are having a seizure or stick anything in their mouth during the seizure. It is crucial to remain with a person after they have stopped convulsing and monitor their vital signs until help arrives.

It is important to call the emergency services if the patient's seizure lasts more than 5 minutes or it is the first time they ever had a seizure. It is also necessary to contact medical help if the person is pregnant, has diabetes or had a seizure in water.

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