How Do You Take Free CPR Classes?


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A reliable ways to learn about free CPR classes is to contact local fire departments, hospitals and colleges, according to the American Heart Association. These institutions often offer free instruction at their own facilities, but can also provide information about community resources that offer CPR training at no cost.

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The American Heart Association's website contains specific information about free CPR training in different regions. Site visitors can click on "CPR & ECC" and follow links to learn more about local CPR training options available.

The American Red Cross also provides free CPR training, according it the organization. To find out about free CPR classes in a specific city, potential participants can visit the American Red Cross website, then narrow down the options by choosing a local chapter. Information about classes can also be obtained by calling the toll-free telephone number for American Red Cross.

There are free CPR courses available online, such as those provided by the University of Washington School of Medicine. Some may feel more comfortable taking classes in person, but online classes can give a good primer in the very least. The organizations providing online classes often offer downloadable pamphlets and smartphone apps to use as a reference, as evidenced by links on the UW website.

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