What Is Covered Under the Medicare Advantage Plan?


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Most Medicare Advantage Plans cover all Medicare services, such as hospital visits, regular doctor check-ups, prescription medications and equipment, and emergency and urgent care services, according to Medicare.gov. In addition, Medicare Advantage Plans may cover vision, hearing and dental services, depending on the chosen Medicare Advantage Plan.

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Medicare Advantage Plans also cover some health and wellness programs. Medicare Advantage Plans do not cover hospice care; however, the traditional Medicare plan does cover these costs even if the patient is enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, states Medicare.gov. Medicare Advantage Plans are offered through private companies that have been previously approved by Medicare and have monthly premiums. These fees depend on the specified plan and services used, reports Medicare.gov.

Medicare Advantage Plans provide the subscriber with all Part A and Part B benefits and include health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, private fee-for-service plans, special needs plans and medical savings account plans. Part A is for hospital insurance, such as emergency care, whereas Part B is for medical insurance such as doctor visits, explains Medicare.gov. Subscribers are advised to speak with their preferred medical provider prior to receiving services and verify that the services are covered and no out-of-pocket expenses are accrued. Some services may be deemed not medically necessary; however, the subscriber is allowed to appeal this decision.

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