What Could Pics of Red Spots on Skin Indicate?


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Pictures of red spots on skin can indicate allergic reactions or skin infections, explains Healthgrades. While some red spots can be a sign or symptom of another condition or a disease, some are fairly harmless rashes. However, very tiny red dots that do not create raised spots on the skin are caused by broken blood vessels and need to be examined immediately.

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Red spots can indicate dermatitis or contact dermatitis, states Healthline. While contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction to a foreign substance such as a certain kind of soap or deodorant, dermatitis is an inflammatory condition. For instance, atopic dermatitis or eczema is a chronic condition without a known cause, although doctors believe it is genetic and runs in families that have a history of allergies. Hives can cause red spots to appear as raised welts. They are itchy and painful, usually indicating that the person is having an allergic reaction to a medication.

Red spots can also indicate a multitude of bug bites and infestations, according to Healthgrades. Although mosquito bites often cause itchy, red bumps to appear on the skin, they resolve over time. Bed bugs, lice and fleas all cause red skin spots, and require various methods to relieve the infestations.

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