Could Food or Your Eating Habits Cause Joint Pain?


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Inflammatory foods, such as fried foods and processed sugars, can cause existing arthritis to flare up, reports Healthline. Excessive consumption of meat or fish can cause gout, an arthritic condition in which uric acid builds up into painful crystals in joints, reports WebMD.

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There is no definitive diet which prevents arthritis flare ups, but certain foods can cause a generalized inflammatory response in the body, reports Healthline. Consumption of fried or processed foods causes inflammation, according to a study by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Burned or crisped foods can also cause inflammatory responses, as the body uses inflammatory messengers to break down heat damaged proteins. These same messengers are used to break down foods high in refined sugars. Individuals who suffer from arthritis report less pain when dairy consumption is reduced. Increased salt consumption is linked to joint pain, while tobacco use increases the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Gout is characterized by sudden flare ups, usually in a big toe, reports WebMD. The ankle and knee joints are also commonly attacked by gout. Gout is caused by uric acid crystals forming in joint spaces. The buildup of uric acid in the body is typically caused by over consumption of meats and alcohols, being overweight or using diuretic medications. A reduction in meat, fish and alcohol consumption can reduce the symptoms of gout.

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