What Could Cause Tingling in the Head?

Tingling in the head is caused by several diseases and disorders including spinal disorders, metabolic disorders, vascular disorders, neurological diseases, injuries, tumors and infections. The presence of these health conditions causes the irritation of cervical nerves that is experienced as head tingling, states HealthHype.

Common causes of tingling in the head include alcoholism and diabetes mellitus, states Right Diagnosis. Food allergies is another common cause as is an anxiety or panic attack, states HealthHype.

Often, the presence of a disorder leads to tingling in the head. Examples of such disorders include neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy that affect electrical activity in brain cells. Some circulatory disorders such as ischemic attack and vertebrobasilar circulatory disorders that occur due to interrupted blood supply to the brain can also cause head tingling. Spinal disorders and metabolic disorders such as uremia, hypoglycemia, hypo or hyperkalemia, hypo or hypercalcemia can also lead to this problem, explains HealthHype.

Injuries to the head or spinal cord that affect the nerves or a dislocated jaw are other causes. Sometimes, medications such as anti-convulsant drugs, radiation and chemo therapies and HIV drugs can lead to head tingling. Other causes include migraine, infections such as HIV, herpes, leprosy and rabies, deficiency of vitamins B1, B5 and B12 and hereditary diseases such as Refsum syndrome and Fabry disease, details HealthHype.