What Could Be the Cause of a Roaring Sound in the Ears?

What Could Be the Cause of a Roaring Sound in the Ears?

A roaring sound in the ears has many causes, which include ear cell damage, exposure to loud noise, ear bone changes and blood vessels disorders, says Mayo Clinic. Anti-malaria drugs, aspirin overdose and cancer drugs, such as vincristine, can also cause this condition, according to Healthline.

Known as tinnitus, a roaring sound can interfere with the real sound, making it difficult to hear properly. It can occur in one or both ears and is common in older individuals, notes Healthline.

The inner ear functions by transmitting electrical impulses to the brain, which in turn translates them into a sound that the individual can hear clearly. If the inner ear cell becomes damaged, it alters how the brain processes sound, resulting in a roaring sound. Moreover, an abnormal bone growth in the middle ear and accumulation of earwax can cause the same effect, explains Mayo Clinic.

Regular exposure to loud sounds, such as listening to loud music through headphones and working with equipment such as chain saws, can cause roaring sounds in the ear. Long-term exposure to these sounds can damage the inner ear permanently, according to Mayo Clinic.

Typical blood cell disorders that cause this condition include high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and arteriovenous malformation, a condition characterized by abnormal connections between veins and arteries, says Mayo Clinic.