What Could Cause a Lump to Develop on the White of the Eye?

could-cause-lump-develop-white-eye Credit: Monkey Business Images Ltd/Monkey Business/Getty Images

A lump that develops on the white of the eye is potentially caused by environmental factors such as wind, dust, ultraviolet rays of the sun or damaging chemicals, according to the Summit Medical Group. Common symptoms include a visible lump, blurry vision, or dry, gritty or watery eyes.

Some patients with a lump on the white of the eye, also known as a pingueculum, may experience itching, redness or burning in one or both eyes, explains the Summit Medical Group. The lumps are commonly clear or a yellowish color and develop on the side of the eye that is closest to the nose. It is possible for the lump to grow and cover part of the cornea. Patients who notice a small lump on the white of the eye should consult with a medical professional to determine treatment.