What Could Cause Blood Clots in the Arms?


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Blood clots in the arms can be caused by damaged arteries due to high blood pressure, smoking, heart disease and high cholesterol, states Healthline. Blood accumulates into clots or thrombi, which then blocks arteries in the arms, forming an embolism or obstruction. Embolisms in the arms can eventually kill the surrounding tissue.

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An individual with a blood clot in the arm experiences coldness, numbness and tingling in the arms and hands, explains Healthline. The skin turns pale due to a lack of blood, accompanied by muscle pain, spasms and weakness. A person can also find it difficult to find a pulse in the arm with the embolism. An untreated clot can cause open sores and tissue death. To treat an embolism, an individual either undergoes surgery to remove the blood clot or takes anticoagulants and thrombolytics, drugs that help to break up the blood clot and improve circulation.

Blood clots can also form in veins, a process that worsens over time as veins sustain damage, explains MedicineNet. Untreated blood clots in both the veins and arteries can cause strokes, heart attacks or peripheral artery disease that occurs when the arteries narrow, often due to plaque accumulation along the blood vessel walls. Blood clots and plaque deposits can be treated by a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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