What Are the Costs of Eyelid Surgery?


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The costs associated with eyelid surgery include medical tests, operating room or clinic expenses, anesthesia fees, surgeon fees, and prescription medication costs, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Eyelid surgery costs vary based on geographic location, a surgeon's level of experience, and the type of procedure recommended.

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As of 2012, surgeon's fees for eyelid surgery, without additional fees for anesthesia, pre- and postoperative care, or facility use costs, averaged about $2,972, as reported by ABCNews.com. Depending on the type of procedure, such as upper, lower or double eyelid surgery, a surgeon can increase fees due to the amount of risk involved, the cost of equipment, and the length of the procedure. Most insurance companies do not cover eyelid surgery for cosmetic purposes but may cover surgical costs for functional and medical purposes, such as to improve vision.

Post-surgery costs associated with an eyelid procedure include cold compresses, eye drops, gauze pads and over-the-counter medications needed to minimize any pain, bleeding, infection and swelling that may occur after the surgery. With proper care and rest, patients typically recover from eyelid surgery in as little as two weeks, as stated by WebMD. Additional costs also include post-surgery physician visits and prescription medication refills.

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