What Costs Are Associated With the Lindora Diet Plan?


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The main cost of the Lindora diet plan online for six weeks is $149, as of April 2015. There is also a 10-week program costing $249, or a person can choose to extend a six week program with an additional 10 weeks for an additional $175.

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In addition to the main plan, other costs may be associated with the Lindora diet plan. Personalized program coaching is one of these costs and, as of April 2015, is an additional $119 for five sessions. With personalized coaching, the person on the Lindora diet plan can get one-on-one motivation and support from a certified Lean for Life program coach.

Another cost associated with the Lindora diet plan is the price of the Lean for Life book. This is a companion manual on doing the program and helps people to establish healthier eating habits. The book is an additional $25.95, as of 2015. There is also a SpiroLean online exercise program that is recommended with the Lindora diet plan. The cost of the program is $50, and it lasts for 10 weeks.

Another companion to the Lindora diet plan is the Successful Tool Package, which costs $70. This program offers additional support and enhances the online program. If a person chooses all the recommended options from Lindora, which includes the 10-week plan, book, exercise program and Successful Tool Package, the cost is $394.95, as of April 2015.

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