Why Is It so Costly to Have Dentures Relined?


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One reason dentures are costly to realign is continuous wear and tear. As the gum shrinks after teeth are extracted bone resorption occurs. Resin is the material used in dentures; the material is man-made making it an expensive product.

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Why Is It so Costly to Have Dentures Relined?
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Bone resorption is when the jawbone loses volume and density according to Medic8. As shrinking occurs the denture becomes loose and slides around in the mouth. Losing volume and density is a natural process of aging making realignment of dentures a natural process as well.

Dentures made with hard resin last a very long time. It is the longevity of the material used that also increases the cost of realignment. Since the actual denture rarely needs replacing realignment and its frequency is a cost incurring process.

Medic8 reports that within a few years dentures will either need rebasing or realigning. Rebasing involves fabricating a new denture plate; realigning involves adding resin to the denture plate in order to close the gap created by bone resorption.

Occasionally teeth will come loose from the denture plate. The best way to keep the cost of realigning dentures down is to replace loose or missing teeth with immediacy. The better care the denture plate receives such as cleaning with non-abrasive cleanser the more durable the plate and the longer the lifespan. Dentures require daily care. The more care provided the less money spent on realigning the denture.

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