How Do You Find the Cost for a PET Scan Test?


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The cost of a positron emission topography (PET) scan ranged from $2,500 to $5,000, according to the National Parkinson Foundation in April 2014. As of February 2015, the "fair price" for one PET scan image from head to toe is approximately $1,430, notes Healthcare Bluebook.

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PET scans vary in cost, depending on what insurance covers for the procedure, says Healthcare Bluebook. The cost of one image can be $1,192 for the facility, and the physician's fee to interpret the image around $238. A PET scan is an outpatient procedure that does not require hospitalization.

As of February 2015, a PET scan of the heart, along with medical advice and a comprehensive lifestyle plan, costs $3,000 at the Weatherhead PET Center for Preventing and Reversing Atherosclerosis. A doctor reviews the PET scan image, gives patients a detailed medical evaluation, recommends any lifestyle changes and starts a preventive treatment plan for overall health as part of the cost of the plan.

PET scans help detect biochemical changes in organs and tissues that can lead to diagnoses of cancer, brain disorders and heart maladies, states John Hopkins Medicine. A large scanning device senses and photographs subatomic particles known as positrons inside living tissue. Positrons reach parts of the body when doctors apply radioactive atoms to various substances such as glucose, oxygen, carbon or nitrogen. PET scans are often performed at dedicated centers or hospitals because of the expensive equipment needed for the procedure.

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